Wait `Til I Get My Money Right…

"Excuse, Me? Is You Sayin' Somethin'?"

“Wait til I get my money right. Then you can’t tell me nothing, right? Excuse, Me? Is you saying something? Uh-Uh you can’t tell me nothing…nope…you can’t tell me nothing!”

Last night after attending Bare Soul with Black Ink Collective, I found myself in a great conversation with friends about getting our financial and personal lives in order.  This has definitely been a year for realizing my dreams and essentially getting my shit together. 

About a month or so ago, I made a suggestion to a friend about gathering our collective of friends together to discuss how we might start pulling our finances together since it appears to be a prime time to get it done.  The friend scowled at me and while rolling their eyes stated, “I know the spending habits of my friends so I have no intention of getting caught up in investments with them.” Shocked, I retorted that the request was not that we go into a business venture, but that we share information.  This isn’t Wall Street, we live in Detroit.  If we’re connected to friends that know how to get their financial eggs careful under a bird that will make them hatch, then we should pass on the information.  The friend disagreed. 

A week or so after that, I found myself in a couples retreat where information about financial wealth, emotional stability, and tricks on how to keep the fires in our relationships burning passed between friends so freely that I found myself already consulting advisors on how to make the money I do have work better for me and the money I don’t have to come into fruition.  Thank God for the friends that want to see you prosper.

My best friend Ty isn’t a man who really second guesses himself.  He makes pretty sound decisions.  He presented me and Tony with a strategy last night on getting closer to his financial goals…man, that dude is on it! 

Having money and property and things is an amazing achievement – one that I would like to see acquired by all that I call friend. 

At the end of the day, you can have all the cash (or access to cash) in the world but if you’re selfish and not selfless, you’ll find that cash and not lasting relationships is the only thing you’ve got.

Wait `til I get my money right…until then, God bless the circle of friends who remind me how wealthy I am where it truly counts.

Poem-A-Day pieces on the way!

Yo Gurl,



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