The Terminator – NaPoWriMo #1/30

The Terminator

The Terminator – NaPoWriMo #1

When I waded through adolescence
peeling my skin back to discover the legitimacy about
my illegitimate bloodline

or let the truth of his father and not mine
tattoo itself on my soul
yet, still loved you proudly;

when I pulled the drapes over my clairvoyance
and made you into the television life-givers
with 2.5 children, a perfect husband and picket white fences

while the reality was
that you were 3 offspring deep,
no king to behead for the treason of your loneliness,
and a fire burning so fast and so hard in your fists
that you left brandings of your feelings
through the sheer fabric of carcass and membrane bearing your DNA;

when I let dandelions choke the daises off of my tongue
and took the mutilation to my esteem from your razor sharp teeth
as you reminded me that the designation of “Whore” was your title alone..

Tell me,
why would I ever desire to be a mother,


With so much history of how you truly bore that name,
my newly aborted child in vacuum
and the aborted thought of ever giving life
were the easiest headstones

I put on graveyard of my womb.

©2010 La Shaun phoenix Moore


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