Throwing Shade vs. Keeping it UBER Real!

Throwing Shade (You Betta Work Biatch)


Keeping it Real

So, as always, there has been some interesting things happening in the poetry community. In that, Facebook status pages and notes have been flying across the Detroit scene like a phoenix in descent. The thing is, there is some good opportunity for folks to have offline conversations and really hash out their issues face to face.

When I first moved back to Detroit almost ten years ago, I was a hot, emotional mess. I was fresh out of a relationship with this cat in Cleveland, living in a borrowed room in a two family flat with my girl and her husband (her husband who constantly flirted with me but then pretended he was a super-Christian when my girl was around) and I didn’t know that I was dying of Diabetes. I was one mean bitch. If there was drama, I was in the center of it. If there was a rumor to be spread I was Anthrax. If there was a spirit to annihilate, I was lighting the torch. In my mind, better to pass the pain to others than have it all festering inside of me.

It was the Detroit community, in early 2000, on a sunny afternoon, packed to capacity in a small little coffee house letting each other HAVE IT that changed me. I can’t even count how many folks told me how fucked up my attitude, disposition, ethics and behavior was not only a detriment to myself but to the community at large. Further, we began to talk candidly about our issues as a community. What erected from that was some of the deepest, most meaningful relationships ever, me getting the treatment that I needed for both Diabetes and my emotions and I’ve emerged as someone who has had their reputation restored. Thank God for real folks!

There are some folks out here who just, as RuPaul coins it in his Drag Race, “Throw Shade”. However, there is a small number of folks who just speak from an extremely authentic and candid place in the hopes that what they have to offer might prevent some of the unnecessary stumbling that folks fall victim to AT THEIR OWN hands.

It behooves us as a group of people to learn the difference.

If you are someone who feels like your shit doesn’t stink and that you never do anything wrong, then I’m happy to give you over to a reprobate mind and wash my hands of you. However, we CAN ALL stand to do a little bit better.

While there are some folks that are truly malicious, not everyone is hating us or on us. Some folks love us enough to keep it uber real.

I pray that when truth comes knocking, we’ve got hearts willing to open to receive it.

I love you all.

Let’s heal.

Yo Gurl,


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