Juggling & Other Blunders

I juggle absolutely everything. Work, Art, Love, Activism, Family, Prayer Life – everything. What I’ve found in this constant routine is that I’m often giving more to folks than I pour into myself. I’m looking forward to changing that this weekend. About 15-17 of my friends (and me) are going camping this weekend. I can hardly wait to be out in nature, reconnecting to God, as well as enjoying the good times that can often only be found around a campfire with no distractions like TV, or commitments, or work or anything.

So, this is just a short note to remind you all to make time for yourself. Let your hair down. Pray. Cry. Write. Rethink your goals. Set new ones. Check to see if the old ones have come into fruition. Thank the Creator for blessings granted and doors opened. Thank the Creator for doors closed (for your own good). Breathe. Stop. Breathe again.

Briefly, the wedding planning is going extremely well. I’m co-producing and hosting an event with the Detroit Jazz Festival. I’m enjoying being a stepmother (another blog). I’m gearing up for another WOWps and another Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. My venue is running well and we’ve got an incredible line up for August and our slam season. I sang in front of a room full of folks with a band this past weekend – a HUGE rush. My project is about 40% finished. I’m still seeking inspiration and some uptempo music, but my team is fricking amazing. I’m dreaming again. Goal-setting. Going in search of my personal legend. I am legendary and expectant for the Creator to open even more doors and opportunities. I am grateful, grateful, grateful.

And now, I’m off to bed.

Peace, Love & Light! Detroit is a vibrant and creative place. Take off the lenses of negativity and indulge in the beauty of the city for a while!

Yo Gurl,



  1. Khary Kimani · July 27, 2010

    Truly happy you, Sis. Juggle on. This reinvention season. Things unseen are the most powerful movements.

  2. Bertha · July 28, 2010

    Thanks for the uplifting reminder. I really needed this today.

  3. *MyGodComPlex* · July 30, 2010

    I am so happy for you hun… The last year has brought on a much needed peace for you… Keep on…

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