Wife Chronicles: The Sacrifices of Provision

My husband and I are blessed to have a two-family income. It affords us the opportunity to take a few extra vacations a year, enjoy dinner out a couple of extra times a month, movies, gatherings – I mean we have a few things. Amen. Tony also hustles once or twice a week gathering scrap metal from the streets. The extra money from his hustle helped to pay off our wedding and will cover the expenses for our upcoming honeymoon in September. What’s the purpose of this blog then? Time. Patience. Togetherness.

In all of the great things that extra income has done for our family, I’ve been missing Tony a lot lately. Conflicting work schedules, various demands as artists, caring for our parents (especially Tony) – we miss a lot of “us” moments. A beautiful couple in our lives who mentors us, suggested date nights. We’ve been blessed to even incorporate those into our schedules, however, I find myself being a little more bratty these days. I want more than a date night. More than a really great dinner or random gatherings with friends. I want…more.

I often find myself remembering all of the extra time that magically appeared when we first started dating almost 3 years ago. Where was that time coming from? Oh, I remember! Late arrivals to work with puffy eyes from lack of sleep. Long phone conversations until we fell asleep on each other! Staying awake much later than any normal person should conversing. I remember. Why has the need for rest and rejuvenation taken over?!

Shouldn’t money be buying me a few extra hours each day?!


I know that with every relationship there comes a time for sacrifices and compromises. I am opening myself up to equally dividing my time between my passions and my husband (who conversely is one of my greatest passions). I like money. I love all of the things that I am involved in. I love my husband much, much more. In my quest on being a great wife, I am learning that prioritizing my life is one of my greatest tools for success. My husband does so much for me. The very least that I can do for him is be available.

Let the organizing begin.



  1. Steve · August 10, 2011

    Also, be aware that the first 10-18 months of a relationship are dripping in serotonin and THAT is how you get through on so much less sleep. You are now officially lovers (and not “falling in love.” That’s why they call it “falling.”) and that means you take time to make time. I know you do and you will.

    • jeangraesalterego · August 10, 2011

      I love you so much, Steve Marsh. You always keep it 100. I love that!! 🙂

  2. Naomi Daniel · August 11, 2011

    What a lovely post. . You’ve shared a really good lesson.Thank you for keeping it real

  3. francine j. harris · August 13, 2011

    This is awesome.”I often find myself remembering all of the extra time that magically appeared when we first started dating almost 3 years ago. Where was that time coming from?”

    Falling in love…it’s like…it’s like — watching back to back episodes of Dexter. You take a quick nap and run back to the arms of your Netflix. You put the ringer on silent. You make excuses to your friends. It’s a rendezvous headrush… until you find you’ve watched every season available on DVD – and you need to … actually … get a job.

    These are the joys in life. Such passion. Such emoting. Such oblivioned bliss.

    Make new seasons. New reasons. New love on murderous rampage against the atrocious tyranny of men!!!

    Ah, LOVE!

  4. Carmelita · August 19, 2011

    Ok. Why is Tony looking ghettoified? and you say I’m ghetto. Yes, time lost between each other is usually divided into those work related tasks that keep us a float. Try to just appreciate each other and remind each other how much you love and appreciate what he does. Sometimes simple communication helps bridge the physical intimacy we miss when we are away from each other.

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