On Receiving A Dream Referred…

MoGal Triad Release Concert 10-22-11!

I have been singing since I was a little girl.

I can still smell the Murray’s oil soap on Beautiful Gate Missionary Baptist Church’s floor where Pastor Lewis would fill our bellies with grits, eggs, toast and a word from God. The youth choir (the best choir of the church) and organist would take the stand ready to call down fiery emotions and other manners of miracles. Though we didn’t have a drummer, that hard wood floor would become an instrument for this huge voice in this tiny little kid who wanted God to remember that he’d put a voice inside of her. A voice that I would be afraid to use outside of church for almost 20 years.

Fast forward to 2011 and I am at the dawn of realizing a dusty and deferred dream. A dream that has had so much prophesy and emotional/professional investment that it’s unreal. A dream that my recently departed friend David A. Blair never allowed age to deter him from. A new reality for myself. I am a vocalist and songwriter of my very first project Space Between the Rain.

This project has been a 6-year labor of love. At times, it seemed like I had so many insurmountable internal issues, that this album would never be birthed. At other moments, the album became a love song that I desperately needed to get out to the masses. Having successfully thrived as a poet and host, I definitely had (maybe still have) some apprehension about doing music as a full-time gig. However, the poetry has always been the gimmick for me. The music has always been my real passion.

I AM HERE! I have an arsenal of real lyrics and one of the most creative bands in the land. I have relinquished every excuse that would keep me from living my dream of singing. I am embracing the most authentic version of myself. I am ready.

I encourage each of you to stop chasing your dreams. Stop relinquishing your dreams. Stop being talked out of your dreams. Stop putting dollar signs on your dreams. Live, Dammit. Seize your dreams by the neck and refuse to let go. Allow the Universe to conspire and bend to make your deepest desires come into fruition. Take risks.

You’ve only got one life…don’t you dare waste a second of it on “what could have beens”.

See you on the 22nd for the album release concert.

See you…in my dreams.

Ya Gurl,

La Shaun phoenix Moore (professionally)
La Shaun phoenix Kotaran (for life)

About the Event (as advertised on FaceBook): http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127092130724178

SoundThought Recordings and Dakota Avenue West Publishing presents:

Girls Aloud: The MoGal Release Concert!!

Hosted by: Khary Kimani Turner

October 22, 2011

1515 Broadway Theatre
1515 Broadway St.
Detroit, MI 48226
Doors at 7:30 PM, Show at 8:00 PM
Tickets: $15 in advance, no inflation at the door.

This evening will be filled with incredible live music, poetry and a soulful good time!

About the artists:

Andrea Daniel, the newest poet from Dakota Avenue West Publishing, is releasing her first book of poems, Like Gwendolyn. Its four chapters reveal her many layers as she explores life, death and the stuff in between, and love in its many forms. And, with an honest depth she uncovers the layer of herself as a survivor of domestic violence. She also writes from a mother’s perspective about the love she has for her son, in poems written when she was, sometimes separated from him when he was a child. Like Gwendolyn is a body of work that is refreshingly truthful, bold and sassy.

La Shaun phoenix Moore, new artist on Detroit indy label SoundThought Recordings is releasing her first vocal project, Space Between the Rain. Space Between the Rain divinely brings phoenix’s two worlds – music and poetry – together in one home. As singer/songwriter, she expresses sweet, sexy and playful romantic love, love of her people and love of the written word. The CD is filled with ballads, and a sprinkling of mid-tempo, danceable grooves.

Inohs Sivad, veteran artist on SoundThought Recordings is releasing her third album, No Goodbyes. In the years since her sophomore album Changes, Inohs cared for her mother, Deborah Orr, who battled cancer until her passing last year. After watching her mother live a purposeful life in spite of her illness, Inohs responded in the only way she knows how: through her music. No Goodbyes is a tribute to and a celebration of her mother’s life. With No Goodbyes, Inohs has further defined her crystal clear, silky voice, with music that is both reflective and joyful, following her soul alternative fusion of soul, jazz, R & B, rock and a little bit of house.

For more info on tickets click our link below


check out our website at:


One comment

  1. Traci Currie · October 17, 2011

    I’m about to start the Fan Club and be the President of it! So proud of you on way too many levels, but namely because you SPOKE YOUR DREAMS and now it’s here.

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