A Woman UnCaged



What an interesting first quarter I’ve had!  Since I last spoke to you guys in October, so much has happened.  La Shaun phoenix Moore presents The Autumn Soundtrack was a huge success.  We packed out the 317 seater at the Charles H. Wright Museum.  The City of Detroit also filmed the series and ran it on their local station for an unprecedented four months!  Because of the exposure, I was able to secure performances through July 2013!  Another awesome development:  I started off the New Year with L’Renee as her background vocalist.  We opened for Motown recording artist KEM on the Fox Theater Stage!  Crazy, right?  It gets better!  L’Renee has invited me back to sing for her on the Fox Theater Stage AGAIN to open for…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…Gladys Knight and Ledisi!!!!

I shook off a lot of hurt from last year and did a lot of purging and forward moving.  As I anticipated, there was some slight backlash from leaving my old label, but nothing a good attorney and a nurturing support circle couldn’t fix.

In that, I have been in a space of manifestation and acceptance.  I have released myself from the various cages that I’d locked myself in.  I have released myself from the cage of passive-aggressiveness (where I tell people everything is all right when there is a war raging inside of me).  I have made a commitment to speak my truth in love and to eliminate unhealthy people and situations from my life without regret.   I have released myself from the cage of self-deprecation and needy outside validation (where I pretend that I don’t know how talented I am and, by behaving that way, block blessings with my defeatist/complacent attitude).  I have released myself from the cage of negativity  (where ill feelings, sickness, controlling behavior, and ungratefulness reside).  I have become a woman uncaged.  No more shackles.  No more holding MYSELF back!

What Am I Working On/Doing/Living?

Well, the list is actually nuts!  Let’s See:

  • I’ve got a final payment to make to my web designer for the launch of our new website.
  • I’m reviewing new music for my upcoming album due to release this year.
  • I’ll be performing at the Campus Martius Music in the Park Summer Series (dates to be announced).
  • I’ll be performing at the Black Lotus Brewery this summer (July).
  • The Summer Soundtrack will be here (August)
  • A couple of family reunions and private parties.
  • I’m under new management (announcement to be made shortly).
  • I have an opportunity to perform with Monica Blaire (OMG!!! Summer announcement).
  • I’ll be writing new originals with Kenny Watson and Damon Warmack (beauty and brains!!!)
  • I’ll be married to my husband Tony for TWO WHOLE YEARS on May 14th!

Oh…and I’ll be celebrating being a woman uncaged at my event:

La Shaun phoenix Moore UnCaged with special guests Deekah Wyatt & One Single Rose!!

The set will be 90 minutes of me singing, completely unleashed!  The event commences on May 18, 2013 at the Park Bar in Detroit.  Here’s the official link:  http://mogal-efbevent.eventbrite.com/ .  Consider coming to hang out with me and, if you can’t make it, consider donating to the event by purchasing a ticket that we can pass on to someone who can’t afford to come!

Your love and light and prayers and good energy have kept me.  They have been an illuminating and healing force.  My wings are healed and I have world travel in sight.  There is so much good music and so many great experiences that I plan to share with each of you.  May the Universe bend to grant my intention.

See yawl at the show and look for more frequent writings.  I plan to post once a month.  My bass player is killing me with is frequent updates!!!

Yo Gurl,




  1. Damon · April 30, 2013

    Which one am I? LOL! #BeautyAndBrains

  2. Mr. Sawyer · May 2, 2013

    Reblogged this on Mr. Sawyer's Opus.

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