Beyonce's Bow Down Cover

Beyonce’s Bow Down Cover

I’m really feeling on top of my game these days! My first studio session with Camp Campbell was off the chain! Jeff and Kesha Campbell are definitely making that hot fire – which works great for me because I’m a phoenix!

I’ve put some amazingly positive energy and prayers out into the Universe and the fruit that it’s yielding is knocking my socks off! If I could ascribe an emotion to my OLD pained self, it would be Beyonce’s Bow Down! Ain’t nobody got time for sadness or doubt. I’m WINNING!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take an honest look at yourself and your accomplishments and just acknowledge that you’ve worked your butt off.

Sometimes, as your own cheerleading section, you’ve got to acknowledge that in real life you’re sort of a big deal.

All the time, you should tell your haters to Bow Down.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing greatness! Be kind to people, trees and animals in your journey. Respect the law of attraction. Put your expectations out to your Creator and be fearless in your pursuit of your purpose.

Your enemies will have NO CHOICE but to BOW DOWN!

It’s time for my gifts to make room for me. I have everything I need inside of ME to live a purposeful, bountiful life…and so do YOU!

We’re (the LpM Crew) writing new music and we’re gigging!!!

Check out where we’ll be:

May 18, 2013 – La Shaun phoenix Moore UnCaged! Park Bar, Elizabeth Theater, Detroit, MI

June 7, 2013 – Opening w/Detroit’s Own L’Renee ( for Gladys Knight & Ledisi, Fox Theater, Detroit, MI

July 9, 2013 – Birthday Bash on Music Hall’s Rooftop, Detroit, MI

July 13, 2013 – Birthday Feature at Black Lotus Brewery, Clawson, MI

July 20, 2013 – Private Client’s Family Reunion, Detroit, MI

July 26, 2013 – Midday Music Series, Campus Martius Park, Detroit, MI

August 2, 2013 – NeoSoul Nights, Pontiac, MI

Keep up with me on Facebook: for event times and costs.

Are you interested in booking me or the band? Email me at:

Thanks for staying on this journey with me. It looks like the summer is seriously going to rock this year!

Yo Gurl,


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