The D'sSistersShowtime! Crowd 2 Crowd 1

Peace, Firebirds:

We had another great turn out in Capitol Park!  The park just reopened with events this year and we played to a packed out audience (and we sold out of our CDs again).  I am grateful every single day for each of you and am walking confidently in my purpose.

Speaking of purpose, I posted this on my blog a few weeks ago and it still rings true for me:  “People will have all kinds of opinions (good and bad) on how you should live your life and pursue your destiny. Love these people. Most of them mean well. Smile as they offer you their commentary.  Consider the fruit of THEIR lives. Weigh it.  Then go on out there and do what God told YOU to do. You’ve got to follow your own gut, okay? Don’t get swayed or become over emotional by everything you hear. You’ve already got a ton of work to do improving yourself!! Trust YOURSELF. The Creator will give you clear vision – and sometimes that vision takes you off the beaten path. It’s all good.”

It’s extremely important at this time in my life to stay focused on my goals no matter what the obstacle is that crosses my path.  I encourage you to do the same.  Obstacles can come in the form of family members, 9 to 5 stress, personal fear/doubt, jealous friends/family, et cetera.  You’re too close now to get distracted.  It’s NOT too late for us.  It’s not too late for ME.  Seeing my dreams come into fruition like this is proof positive that God is on my side and that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf.

That said, I’ll be in the studio this weekend putting in more work on my second album.  It’s being produced by Jeff Campbell and I’ve got a great team of writers in Chanda Long, Frank Cyars and La-Kesha Campbell. We’re still bootlegging my first album, Space Between the Rain (and we’re having such great sales) and we’ve got DVDs available of my La Shaun phoenix Moore UNCAGED.  Detroit, I’m gonna make you as proud of me as I am of YOU!

Remember our anthem for the year:

  • Be careful who you let in and around your circle (including family).  Not everyone deserves the pleasure of your presence.
  • Love yourself where you are right now.  If you have a little more to love – love that.  If you want to have less to love – then work on it.  But, love yourself where you are right now.
  • Pursue your purpose.  If you don’t know what that is right now, seek out your Creator for an answer.  Look at the context clues around you.  Consider what you’re passionate about.  But, LIVE your purpose.  You’re not truly living if you aren’t.



Thank you for being a part of my journey.  I am SUPER grateful for each of you!


Upcoming Performances


August 15, 2013 (Thursday) – background vocals for L’Renee and Friends, Campus Martius Park, Downtown Detroit.  FREE!!!  Time: 5:30-8:30 PM

August 27, 2013 (Tuesday) – Featured Poet, Honeycomb’s Birthday Bash, 5 Elements Gallery (inside the Cass Corridor Commons), 4605 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI.  Cover: $5.  Time: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM.



September 19, 2013 (Saturday) – Featured Poet, Midtown Lit Walk Festival hosted by M.L. Liebler, Midtown Detroit (various venues).  FREE.  Time: 11:00 AM-5:00 PM

September 28, 2013 – Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention (Guest Performer), Youthville Detroit, 7375 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202. Time: 4-6:00 PM, Cover: FREE


October 5, 2013 (Saturday) – La Shaun phoenix Moore’s INFERNO, Park Bar/Elizabeth Theater, 2040 Park Avenue, Detroit, MI. Hosted by Alexis Draper, Time: 8-11:00 PM, Cover: $15

Interested in booking us for your event? Contact:

Alicia Spenceraspencer26@gmail.com or Alexis Draper lexdowntherabbithole@gmail.com

Yo Gurl,





  1. Mr. Sawyer · August 12, 2013

    Enjoying the focus and looking forward to your future work. P.S. I’m diggin those high notes you’ve been hitting the last couple of shows. Especially on “Bravo”!

  2. Traci Currie · August 13, 2013

    Good Word to take with me on my purpose-filled journey. Love what you said.

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