La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM! on May 16, 2015 @ The Huma Room.

La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM! on May 16, 2015 @ The Huma Room.

Peace, Firebirds:

I wasn’t sure if I would come back to the land of blogging any time soon. My page had been stalked by a crazed maniac bent on revenge who, at the end of the day, proved to be an amazing door closed so that greater and newer opportunities could open for me. Don’t you just LOVE when folks come in demanding the world, and the Universe hands them a fucking tricycle? Karma. I love it. I’ve been laughing a lot easier these days. I’ve freed myself without much repercussion of the biggest thorn in my side to date. I’m FREE!!! Do you hear me? I am completely free! Holy Ghost!!

Admittedly, I’ve been living under the radar, though. A sister-artist that I love named Ideeyah has an anthem, if you will, on her social media page that says “Grind Silently”. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Grinding silently. Closing doors. Walking through new and improved ones. Avoiding the urge to cause an inferno that would destroy my enemies. Letting GOD arise and leaving my enemies to the capable hands of Source Energy. Collecting checks. Creating new opportunities for myself. Rebuilding my brand and my team. And it’s been good, yawl. Good, honest business creatives that make me and my art feel like Crown Jewels.

And then there’s YOU. My incredible support system. The fans of my art. The umph in my music. The reason why I keep going. My Agile Society who moves so freely with the trends of music and ME. Thank you for all of the support you’ve given me via my Indiegogo Campaign, inbox messages, attending my showcases and events – I am NOTHING without YOU. I can hardly wait to reward the perks that each of you absolutely deserve for supporting my new project…my new sound…my new life.

This Spring, I’ll be releasing my very first album project: ANTHEMS!

I call it my first project because here, on this album, you’ll see the real La Shaun. The one who is confident and passionate and aggressive and sexual and cheeky and cusses and cares about the working man and loves richly and fiercely. You’ll be reintroduced to a woman who lives her life…a life that was almost taken from me this summer from a near death experience…as an ANTHEM. Through this journey, I’ll blog more. I’ll give you all of me, if you give me all of you. We’ll create our own worlds, our own music, our own movement.

Don’t you wanna come with me? *wink*

I’ve put up the poster for the album release party. You can grab tickets here:

I have been reborn. I am emerging. I am not afraid of being the most authentic version of myself. I am not afraid of newness. I AM undefeated. I AM an ANTHEM.

My new album ANTHEM! will debut on May 16, 2015 at The Huma Room at HopCat – Detroit. No. Holds. Barred.

This isn’t the phoenix you remember. It will be a PHOENIX you’ll never forget.

I love you. Thank you. For everything.

Love your girl,

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