Studio Swag – ANTHEM!

There are so many things that make me the woman that I am. There’s humor and hood and intelligence and sexiness and soul and all things appropriate and inappropriate. I walk the fine line between the Holy and the Profane. In that, I have been fearlessly exploring all of these parts of myself in the music for ANTHEM! Here’s a sneak clip of a song I’m wrapping up. I blindfolded myself so that I could “see” the lyrics in my head!

As promised, regular leaks of the music and the story behind my process will be forthcoming. I love you.

Thank YOU.

La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM!
May 16, 2015
HUMA Room @ HopCat Detroit

You can grab tickets here:

I also have physical tickets that I can send to you personally. You can pay with cash or debit (via PayPal). Reply to my email for details.

Love your girl,

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Twitter: @lashaunphoenix
Instagram: Detroitphoenix


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