Working Man’s ANTHEM!


“The steel and grit of the City sky
Got my mentals on a daily grind.
We popping blue and whites and clocking time.
Stacking up to meet the bottom line – all. year. long.

Another roll around the hamster wheel.
Another vice in life to numb the feel.
Another hand to shake to close a deal.
This ain’t a dream. Sh*t is real.

Who gives a f**k if it’s a Monday?
Every day is like a Friday!
So stay the f**k up outta my way
If you’re not tryna make it Pay Day. Yeah. Yeah. YEAH!” –from the upcoming album ANTHEM!

Peace Fam!

My performance schedule is coming together quite nicely, so I wanted to take a moment to post an update. Won’t you come out and hang with your girl?!

May 2015
5/15 – Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers Event, The Wright Museum, 315 East Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201. 8:00 PM. Cover: TBD

5/16 – La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM! $15. You can grab tickets here:

ANTHEM is only 36 Days away!!! Can you believe it?

I set this event up on February 3, 2015 in complete and total faith that my album would be completed, that this new start of my life would come into fruition, that all doors that were supposed to be closed in my life were closed, and that all doors and opportunities that are supposed to be opened to me – I would fearlessly walk through. It’s Happened/Happening!! And now so many of you already have the physical tickets to a dream that got a little deferred this summer with my near-death/new life experience.

We are going to CLOSE physical ticket sales at NOON on May 4th. After that, you’ll have to purchase anything we have left on the TicketWeb website OR purchase whatever we have left at the door.

Wanna avoid the fees?

We still have some tickets from the second batch available! Tickets are $15. You can inbox me to schedule a meet up (I can take cash,credit or debit). I can also invoice you NOW via PayPal (still avoiding the fees) and get them dropped in the mail with a personalized thank you card from ME (I love doing this) TODAY.

Support incredible music. Support incredible artists and musicians. Support ME! Even if you can’t make it, sow a gift into my life. Get your karma up. Come and see what I’m about these days.

See Dope Ass Flyer Below:

La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM! on May 16, 2015 @ The Huma Room.

La Shaun phoenix Moore presents ANTHEM! on May 16, 2015 @ The Huma Room.

June 2015
6/1 – Angela Davis’ DIVA Night. Bert’s Marketplace, 2727 Russell Street, Detroit, MI. Time: TBD. Cover: TBD.

6/13 – Detroit Vs. Homelessness: Fundraising Benefit for The NOAH Project, The Wright Museum, 315 East Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201. 8:00 PM. Cover: FREE

6/17 – 5th Installment of SPOTLIGHT Detroit – The Quarterly Series. Main ACT. Jazz Cafe @ Music Hall, 350 Madison Avenue, Detroit, MI. Doors at 6:30 PM. Show at 7:00 PM. Cover: $10. Another super dope flyer below:


July 2015
7/9 – It’s My BIRTHDAY!

7/10 – Summer In The Park Mid-Day Music Series, Campus Martius Park, Downtown Detroit. 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Cover: Free

7/11 – Pending Birthday Engagement. Details will be forthcoming.

Wanna stay connected with me?

Facebook: or
Twitter: @lashaunphoenix
Instagram: Detroitphoenix

I love you all SO MUCH. Buy the rest of our tickets to ANTHEM! THANK YOU!!!!


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