I’ve been waiting my whole life just to live my whole life! – Bullet Train

So…we did it!

May 16th was all sorts of awesome for the release of my first album, ANTHEM. Much like the title, I AM an ANTHEM and I had the wonderful opportunity to flex my muscles and prove my power to overcome adversity to a packed house of nearly 350 folks. Armed with an arsenal of authentically penned songs and a cast of beautiful headliners including Tylonn J. Sawyer, Lawrence Kopelli Young and a magical intro from Chace Mic Write Morris, I shed the pain of a betrayal from a former friend and being in the throes of death from a septic ruptured appendix. All of the love in the room was a reawakening for me. I stepped on the stage nervous and left UNDEFEATED.

The gorgeous Vivica Fox brought some celeb swag to the show and the Glam Doctor beat our faces to the GAWDS. CDs were sold and signed and now, 10 days after the event, I’m still on a high!

My boy (and storyteller extraordinaire) Steve Furay captured the night in a short reel he put together. Check it out below:

Have you had a chance to download ANTHEM or purchase a physical copy? If not, do so now at: http://www.lashaunphoenixmoore.bandcamp.com

Did you miss my performance? No worries!! I’ve got a great line up for the month of June. Check out my performances below and come and hand with your favorite girl!

June 2015
6/1 – Angela Davis’ Diva Night. Bert’s Place, 2727 Russell St., Detroit, MI. 8:00 PM. Cover: $5

Diva Night!

Diva Night!

6/12 – Detroit Vs. Homelessness: Fundraising Benefit for The NOAH Project, The Wright Museum, 315 East Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201. 8:00 PM. Cover: FREE

6/17 – 5th Installment of Spotlight Detroit Quarterly Series! Jazz Cafe @ Music Hall, 350 Madison Avenue, Detroit, MI. Doors 6:30 PM, Show 7:00 PM. Cover: $10

Spotlight Detroit: The Quarterly Series

Spotlight Detroit: The Quarterly Series

July 2015
7/9 – It’s My BIRTHDAY!
7/22 – Kahn Davison’s Book Release party. Bert’s Marketplace, 2727 Russell St., Detroit, MI. 7:00 PM. Cover: $5

August 2015
8/1 – Summer Nights @ Capitol Park. Capitol Park Detroit (Shelby/Griswold/State Street). 8:00 PM. Cover: FREE

Wanna stay connected with me?

Buy ANTHEM: http://www.lashaunphoenixmoore.bandcamp.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lashaunphoenixmoore or http://www.facebook.com/TeamFirebird
Twitter: @lashaunphoenix
Instagram: Detroitphoenix
Tumblr: http://lashaunphoenixmoore.tumblr.com/

Hope to see everyone around town! I love YOU. Thank YOU! Please buy ANTHEM!

Love ya gurl,


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